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Spill Yr Guts Horror Zine is a publication for horror fans and creators alike. Are you working on a novel? Send us an excerpt for publication. Do you want to tear apart your latest late-night watch? Email us your best review of that garbage to give others a heads up.

We accept gory, slasher, cerebral, ghostly, atmospheric pieces--both written and visual. If it falls under the umbrella of horror, then send it our way to be considered.

We accept rolling submissions and previously published work (just let us know). If you'd like to submit your work, please read the guidelines below and send your submissions, along with a short bio, to spillyrgutszine@gmail.com.

Issue three is scheduled for release 27 November.
Submissions received after 16 November will be considered for issue four.


POETRY // Submit up to five poems with a maximum of fifty lines.

FICTION // Please send one to two pieces of fiction, 500-2000 words each. We accept excerpts of longer works as well as free-standing short pieces.

CREATIVE NONFICTION // Send non-academic essays at 500-2000 words each.

REVIEWS // We take podcast, film, book, and television reviews between 500-800 words.

FLASH FICTION // Submit up to five pieces up to 500 words. We accept flash fiction as short as one sentence--if you think that's all you need to scare us.

ILLUSTRATION + PHOTOGRAPHY // Please send up to five black and white pieces. Image resolution should be at least 300dpi to ensure quality in the printing.


Spill Yr Guts currently offers three contributor copies as payment.


Got questions? Send them to the email above and we'll do our best to answer asap.

Previous issues can be purchased in the shop or viewed online via Issuu.