a b o u t.

Hello there! My name is Sonya, and I’m a writer, witch, and artist.

I also specialize in personal, poetry/literary, and mini zines, including What to Expect When You’re Expecting Succulents: A Mini Guide to Growing Succulents and It’s Brittany, Bitch: Out-of-Context Quotes + Wisdom from Brittany S. Pierce (a Glee fanzine). My main zine is Whatsername, a personal zine about growing up, personal evolution, self-care, (pop) punk, survival, and finding comfort.

My writing has most recently appeared in I Want You to See This Before I Leave and Wallpaper Magazine.

I released my first poetry chapbook, Reflections in a Dirty Mirror, in October 2015. It is available via the shop page.

I am currently working on my first novel, Ax Wound.