the year ahead.

I don't know if I've ever made a mood/vision board before. Not in a particularly "proper" way (whatever that means), anyway. Aside from recipes, I'll just mindlessly add things to various Pinterest boards and never really look at them again. But in my latest YouTube lifestyle/vlog binges, a lot of the "prep for 2019" videos have made me want to try out a mood board for the year ahead. At the very least, it gives me an excuse to look at pretty pictures, right?

One of my worries is that I'm going to make the board, then by February completely forget that it exists, so I'm thinking that I'll just schedule a check up into every week or every other week, just to keep the dream alive and in mind. I don't know if that'll work, but I'm going to try. As in, I am going to physically write it on my desk calendar (and possibly add it to my phone calendar, too) so I am frequently reminded to look.

I'll bet you're wondering just what kind of things are on my board, eh? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Style: Over the past year or so I've realized that one of the styles I love the most and really connect with is April's from Parks & Recreation. It's cute, comfy, and completely achievable. Even though I love and admire some more elaborate styles, I always seem to come back to good ol' jeans and a tee shirt, so I've decided to focus more on evolving my own style into something closer to April's. This mostly means including a few more all-purpose pieces into my wardrobe, like basic tees (instead of the eight million band ones that I have--not that I intend to get rid of them anytime soon) and more cardigans. You can never have too many cardigans. So I've made it a point to add some outfit photos that remind me of hers to the board.

Work: I've slowly learned what kind of space I need to feel more inspired to work, but I seem to still struggle to keep my work space reflecting that. I love a clean, minimalist space at my desk because it really helps to keep me from feeling overwhelmed (rather than creative/inspired like I know it can do for a lot of others). So I've added a lot of pictures of dream desks that are, once again, totally achievable, as well as both writing and knitting photos to remind me of what I love and want to focus on.

Life: Okay, this one might be the most fun, or possibly the most overwhelming, because there's a lot of freedom as far as the "life" topic inspiration goes. These tend to be photos of pretty things, places, and babies. (Yep. Babies. But nope, not preggo. So don't get too excited.) While I've got a great variety that I can add to this part of the board, I feel like the somewhat random selections are going to really require some effort on my part to maintain a focus. Like, yes, I've got some photos of certain Adidas sneakers I want, but I need to remember that more specifically they're a representation of my health and wellness goals, which leads me into...

Health + wellness: I actually have a whole separate board for this in general on Pinterest, but I also wanted to include certain bits in the mood board to represent these goals for the year, like the aforementioned sneakers, but also some body goal reminders as well. So along with some yoga and weight lifting photos, I've also just got photos of bodies that remind me of my own as it is now, because my goal isn't to look like the workout photos, but to do those things to feel like the confident photos. (Does that make sense?)

If you wanna take a more thorough look at the actual board, you can click through to check it out.

How are you preparing for 2019? Or are you like, I'm too old for this shit, and just winging it this time around?