tarotscopes | january 2019

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising

Nine of Wands

January is a time to rally. You've been working hard, and the Nine of Wands is here to let you know that it's about to pay off. Don't let yourself quit now. Find that next burst of energy to power through to the end of whatever project you're working on--revising your NaNoWriMo novel, starting a new expansion in your business, remodeling your house, whatever--and you're going to see that it's totally worth it.


Aquarius // Aquarius Rising

Ten of Cups

You can feel yourself radiating with energy and positivity; maybe you're ready and looking forward to the new year. The Ten of Cups signifies abundant emotions, and they're ready to overflow. Don't doubt your power--let it out! Take that positivity and let it guide you into a new beginning.


Pisces // Pisces Rising


Something in your life needs to end, and odds are that you know what it is. Don't deny it; accept this transformation and move through it. Things will only get better after the initial struggle. Death can be a scary card when it comes up; it's human nature to fear the end and the unknown. But Death--and change--are not inherently bad in themselves. Accept it and  try to be open to the good that could be on the other side.


Aries // Aries Rising

Page of Wands

This is a time of inspiration and infinite possibilities. The New Year is speaking to you. Take chances, try different things, and let your enthusiasm guide you. The Page of Wands represents someone full of creative potential. They want you to start 2019 with excitement and vigor, diving into whatever speaks to you at the moment.


Taurus // Taurus Rising

Two of Cups

Open your heart and be ready for a new connection. It could be romantic, but a new, strong friendship is just as possible. The Two of Cups represents an emotional connection between two, a strong personal bond. Keep yourself open to this burgeoning relationship on the horizon and good things could result.


Gemini // Gemini Rising

Eight of Pentacles

Now is a time to hone your skills. If you've been considering a new hobby, stop putting it off! Dive in and try a new skill to get your year started on the right track. The Eight of Pentacles signifies a skilled worker, someone striving to improve. Take this energy to new areas of potential with something you've been interested in for a while or an old favorite. Whatever's pulling at you to learn more, roll with it and let yourself grow in that field.


Cancer // Cancer Rising

Five of Cups

The Five of Cups can be a worrisome card, signifying the spilling of emotions from their cups. Sorrow or regret may be on the horizon. Be aware of what you're feeling and don't make any hasty decisions. Your emotions could be getting the best of you; just let yourself work through it. Though a cup may empty, it can always be refilled, and even if you have to take a break to heal from the situation that arises, don't let it break you.


Leo // Leo Rising

Six of Cups

Now is the time for reflection. Look back on your roots. Be open to reunions with people from your past. The Six of Cups asks you to look at happy memories; let those be your guide. What did you enjoy as a child? Maybe jump back into that hobby, or something related, to reinvigorate yourself. If someone from your past pops up, allow that reconnection to present its potential to you.


Virgo // Virgo Rising

Four of Cups

Don't take your life for granted. You might be wishing for more right now, but take the time to appreciate what you already have. The Four of Cups is a card of greed and discontent. Have you been seeing others' Christmas posts online and comparing your own holiday to theirs? Take a break from social media. Throw yourself into what you already have and find a way to appreciate it rather than always wishing for more.


Libra // Libra Rising


Seek the truth and let fear fall away. Stop blaming yourself for issues and grant yourself the freedom to move on and grow. If you had a tough 2018, stop beating yourself up over it. Judgement isn't here to beat you down; it appears to help relieve the burden. As you walk into 2019, let yourself feel cleansed and reinvigorated, leaving the past behind you to embrace your worth and potential.


Scorpio // Scorpio Rising


You have a heavy choice to make, and Justice appears to remind you to consider how it could affect others. Maybe it's been weighing on you for a while; maybe it's on the horizon. Just don't forget the people around you when you're making this decision. Justice is a card of karma, here to remind you that your actions have consequences not just to yourself.


Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising

The Hierophant

If you've been thinking about deepening your education on a topic or skill, The Hierophant wants you to know that you can't do it alone. This card is telling you to find a mentor, take a class, and/or connect with someone who can guide you. You'll ultimately get more advancement in your interest with the help of another, more skilled guide.