stating the obvious.

One thing I've wanted to focus on this year was creating a routine that I love and that truly feels beneficial to me. I'm gonna tell you something that are probably going to be obvious and probably aren't going to be anything new, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Journaling is a life changer.

Since just before the start of the new year, I've been writing in my journal more days than not, usually in the morning. At first, I felt like I wouldn't have anything to write, but after finally freeing myself from the self-imposed idea that I had to write something interesting or meaningful and just letting myself vent or think on paper or whatever I need that day, I've noticed a huge change in my mental state.

It feels like a switch has flipped. I'm suddenly finding consistency in all the habits I've wanted to create to feel better about life and myself. I've known for who knows how long that journaling is a positive habit, but it's been such a sporadic one for me. Now, though, I've been doing it regularly for a few weeks and I can really feel the difference. It's almost annoying that it's taken me this long to just do it.

One thing I've done to make this easier on the days when I really don't know what to journal about is save a good number of prompt lists on Pinterest for future reference. I haven't needed them yet, but it's nice to know they're there if I need them. I've actually been using Pinterest as a huge resource lately, like I mentioned in my post about my 2019 mood board, and I'm really enjoying it. I do worry a little that it's going to start to turn out like Instagram can be, i.e., detrimental to my mental health if I spend too much time on it, but for now, things are okay between Pinterest and me.

Journaling, though--journaling is turning out to be such a salve to the days when I might be doing too much comparison to the beautiful posts that come across my feed. I'm in the best head space I've been in a long while for the past few weeks. It might just be an upswing before a depressive episode comes knocking again, but it's lasted so long--much longer than the usual positive stretches--that I'm feeling hopeful.

The next habit I'd like to start working on is meditation. It's another that I've made sporadic attempts to cultivate, but I'm hoping this period of inspiration and motivation is enough to make it a real routine this time.