season of change.

Hello. Long time, no blog.

Just a few weeks into 2019, my year went off the rails slightly, forcing me to do a little readjusting and rethinking of what I want life to look like--but in a good way. To my mind, possibly in the best way.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've already heard the news that I'm pregnant!

It was both a surprise and a plan; essentially, it happened a month earlier than Dan and I had been intending, but we were no less ready for it, and we were certainly no less enthusiastic when we found out.

Most of the time, it's a lovely feeling, even with all the nausea, exhaustion, and bloody noses that I've experienced over the past months. I'm currently sixteen weeks in and enjoying my second trimester. As the first trimester came to an end, I finally started getting my energy back enough to start creating again. I've been cleaning, cooking, and baking to no end--including working my way towards a food prep habit to be built upon as my due date nears--and have already knitted one baby sweater. I've got about a million other ideas, but earlier this week my Missouri Star Quilt Co. order arrived and I've dived in on my second-ever quilting project.

For Jelly Bean, of course.

I feel like everything I do--everything I want to do--right now is with Jelly Bean in mind. (Except for exercising. I'm still terrible at exercising.) Everything I want to make is for the baby. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning to create a safe space for the baby. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't make stops into Target just to browse the baby goodies.

Right now, though, my mind is on the quilt. I'd already been dying to work on a second quilting project since finishing the not-quite-table runner I made last year, and I knew as soon as we found out that I was pregnant that I wanted my next item to be for the baby. There was no doubt that there would be a million knitted items to be made, but something about a quilt feels a little more special or different. A little more lasting, maybe; Jelly Bean won't grow out of a blanket quite as quickly as a sweater.

It's Harry Potter themed, of course, just like I plan for the rest of the nursery to be. I'm thinking something a little neutral/minimalist, but with fun Harry Potter-inspired details, like the quilt, maybe some curtains, and definitely wall art and stuffed animals. I've seen some amazing HP nurseries on Pinterest, but I just don't have it in me to even consider attempting some kind of full wall design, especially since we're still planning on moving out of the house in the next year or so. Plus, I just like minimalism as a decorating base.

I won't lie: I'm quite nervous about a lot of aspects. Something could go wrong. Life is going to change in a major way. And, honestly, birth is both amazing and terrifying. But ultimately, I'm looking forward to this. Consider it my biggest creative project. I'm looking forward to documenting it.