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The Birthday Party Short Fiction Zine

The Birthday Party | This zine is based on a short story previously posted on my Patreon and revised to be several hundred words longer.

16 pages | 1/8 US letter | black & white.










Reflections in a Dirty Mirror

Reflections in a Dirty Mirror | This collection features nineteen pieces of prose and poetry on the themes of girlhood, survival, and identity.

Features a full-color cover and b&w inside.



Small Parts 004

Small Parts 004 | This is the fourth issue of my short, short zine of prose poems + mini stories. This issue includes five stories of about 200 words each.

16 pages / black and white / 1/8 US letter.



Spill Yr Guts Horror Zine 001

Spill Yr Guts Horror Zine 001 | This 44-page debut issue features thirteen contributors in illustration, photography, and writing.
Includes poetry, short stories, and nonfiction.

black and white / 8.5″x5.5″ / card stock cover.


Whatsername 001

Whatsername 001: Welcome to Paradise | The first issue of this new perzine discusses “discontent, disappointment, and discomfort; it’s about dreams, goals, and finding the patience to achieve them.” It talks about failure and acceptance.

26 pages / b&w / half US letter


Whatsername 002

Whatsername #002: Don’t Dream It | This issue focuses on my three main goals/dreams in life, my feelings as I watch those around me achieving “success,” and living life as a paranormal nerd.

16 pages / b&w / half US letter



Whatsername 003

Whatsername #003 | This perzine includes four short personal essays about youthful adulthood, rebellion, the state of America, and coming out of a depressive episode.

1/4 US letter. b/w. 32 pages.



Whatsername 004

Whatsername #004 | This issue of Whatsername includes essays on friendship breakups, personal health (mental + physical), the sitcom FRIENDS, and finding community in a world of problematic faves.

32 pages / b&w / 1/4 US letter.

January 29, 2018