Zines & Chapbooks:
Small Parts: Prose Poems & Mini Stories
Reflections in a Dirty Mirror: Poetry & Prose, October 2014 (chapbook)

I Want You to See This Before I Leave, “Explosive Engineering,” January 2018
Wallpaper Magazine, issue 1, “Most Days I’m Not a Masochist,” August 2017
Synapse Zine
, issue 3, “Hydraulic Thighs,” July 2017
Paper & Ink literary zine, issue 4, “Missing: Girl,” January 2015 (out of print)
Paper & Ink literary zine
, issue 3, “City Night,” September 2014 (out of print)

YA Book Reviews on, November 2013-November 2014
Telegram: An Anthology of 27 Issues by Maranda Elizabeth, April 2013
Green Day’s “Uno!” and “Dos!,” October and November 2012
Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus, October 2012
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
, January 2012

“Stemming the flow of a monthly guest through eco-friendly products,”┬áDecember 2012

Clever Darling Magazine, vol. 1, “Ten Books Every Babe Should Read,” December 2014
“Redfern Stage Becomes the Castle of the Infamous Dr. Frank N. Furter,”┬áNovember 2011


July 4, 2013