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Summer Solstice 2018 | How I’ll Be Celebrating

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I’ve always been interested in witchcraft, paganism, and all that woo-woo spiritual goodness–which I’ll write more about in the future–and I’ve been trying harder over the past few months to commit myself more to these habits and beliefs. One of the first things I’m really doing, along with throwing myself back in Tarot, is celebrating the changing of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year (though I’d like to emphasize that I don’t identify as Wiccan).

I’ve been making note of the sabbats over the last few months, but the upcoming Summer Solstice (a.k.a., Midsummer, Litha) tomorrow–June 21–is the first one I’ve felt prepared for in time to celebrate this year. I thought I’d share my plans for the day, and if anyone else wanted to join in, even just to get some of the good summer vibes going, I urge you to do so.

Since the Solstice is all about a sun-centered celebration, being the longest day of the year, I’ll be planning my day around spending time outdoors, soaking up the sun, and implementing things (mostly food) that give off sunny vibes.

I’d like to get up and watch the sun rise, but to be honest, I like sleep, so we’ll have to see how that idea pans out. If it works, I’m thinking of following it up with either some outdoors yoga, meditation, or both to get my day started on the right track. Even if I don’t get up in time, I’d love to do a yoga/meditation session outside for the day.

Solstice food for the day will be homemade lemonade with berries plus some mini honey-lemon cakes. All three ingredients–honey, lemon, and berries–are great ways to celebrate the summer. If I can, I’d love to go strawberry picking in the morning to get the berries for the lemonade because I recently found a place in town that’s open daily.

I also plan to do a manifestation ritual around noon or so when the sun is strongest. I’ll light a candle, write down a list of manifestations I’d like to achieve, and let the piece of paper burn–in a controlled setting of course! (Because nothing is sexier than fire safety.)

Free time will probably include reading outdoors and maybe cleaning up the house a bit for a fresh space, though I’ve already been doing so much cleaning lately that there might not be much to do.

And lastly I think I’ll treat Dan to a picnic dinner when he gets home from work. Maybe I can convince him to go to the park with our picnic basket, and I’ll have the lemonade, cakes, plus some salad and sandwiches packed up for us to enjoy.

I’m looking forward to my first sabbat celebration, and I think it’s a really lovely one to start with because it already feels so full of good, bright vibes.

June 20, 2018