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Project 365: Days 158-164

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One thing I love about this project is that it reminds me of what I did over the last week. Some days I feel really down on myself, as if I haven’t done anything of note, but taking these photos reminds me of even the small things I’ve done, like hang out with the cat or watch a squirrel for a few minutes, and those are things I enjoy and appreciate.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas158/365: Just a day of taking some bookstagram photos. I should really start doing a full week ahead of time over the weekend so I don’t have to miss any days. It just makes consistent posting even easier to plan ahead that way.

Charlie, the black cat159/365: The first Charlie photo for this week. I caught him sleeping on the air mattress, which is still out from the last time my mom came over. It gets good sun, so it’s one of his favorite places.

Bart Simpson doll160/365: When my mom came over for Wonder Woman, we went to the antiques store with Dan, and I found this Bart doll that I was absolutely dying to buy, but I didn’t have the money yet. So last week, as soon as I had the five dollars for it, we rushed back to the antiques store so I could snap it up. Of course, now I want the whole family.

Charlie in the sunshine161/365: And another of Charlie’s favorite spots, our bed. It also gets some good sunlight on it, so it’s not unusual to find him curled up there in the afternoon, as long as Lexi isn’t already there.

Lexi on the kitchen floor162/365: If Lexi isn’t on the bed or on the couch, then she’s most likely in the living room–usually doing something she shouldn’t be. But this time she was just flopping on the floor.

Skinnytaste pumpkin scones163/365: Monday I decided that even though it was a gazillion degrees, it was a great idea to make pumpkin scones (from the Skinnytaste cookbook). As it happens, they are delicious, even if the kitchen was comparable to hell for a few hours.

a gray squirrel on the porch164/365: I was very lucky to catch this dude lurking around the porch before he ran off to bother someone else. I love spotting squirrels out the window when I’m in the living room; there was even one day that one was climbing on the window screen. Squirrels are such weirdos sometimes.

June 14, 2017

Project 365: Days 151-157

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Well, I haven’t quit. In fact, I’m quite pleased with a lot of this week’s photos. At times it still felt like a chore to take one, but I think the end results are satisfactory this week, so I’m not going to complain or give up just yet.

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel151/365: I got Fun Home on one of my first library trips in a long time a few weeks ago and finally got to reading it last week. I absolutely loved it: the honesty, the rawness, and the art style all worked together to present this amazing story from Alison Bechdel’s life. Would recommend.

pink flower152/365: One of the last pink flowers in our yard, aside from the giant blooming bushes out back that are slowly turning brown. I’m hoping we start getting roses soon, but I’m not feeling confident about them this year. I’m not sure why.

white flowers153/365: I did spot these white ones near the clothesline one day when I took Lexi out, and I kind of fell in love with them. I don’t know what they are (just like most of the other flowers around our house), but I love the delicateness to them and was really pleased to get a photo before they end up dying too.

Connecticut River view from Fort Dummer, VT154/365: On Saturday, Dan and I went on our fourth hike of the year (already!), to Fort Dummer in Vermont. We actually ended up doing two trails because they were both so quick and easy, and this was the view on the “sunrise trail,” looking out over the Connecticut River.

seven layer bars155/365: My mom spent the weekend to go see Wonder Woman, and somehow I got roped into making her seven layer bars. I’m honestly not sure how it happened. I think she just asked when we were visiting on Memorial Day and I said, “Yeah, sure.” Either way, they were delicious as usual. I used this seven layer bar recipe, if you’re wondering.

The Nocturnal Reader's Box156/365: I got my first Nocturnal Reader’s Box this week! I’m planning on doing a little review post about it next week, so I haven’t been sharing too much about it, but rest assured I was ecstatic when it arrived (especially given how long my Horror Block is taking).

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot157/365: I’m taking part in #ReadWomenMonth over on Instagram, and today’s prompt for the photo challenge was “Book that makes you laugh.” I realized I don’t have that many comedic books on my shelves, but this was one that did stand out to me. I really love The Princess Diaries, and hopefully I’ll own the entire series someday so I can actually finish reading it!

June 7, 2017

Project 365: Days 144-150

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I almost quit this week. I really, seriously thought about it. I missed a photo on Friday and thought about just giving up on the project because it’s the second day in a month that I missed and I haven’t felt at all enthusiastic about it the past couple of weeks, save for the black and white week. It feels like every day lately has been too dark and rainy to get any decent photos. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people get such well-lit shots inside their home. Is their every wall made of a window?

But still I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stop, so I kept taking photos and feeling lukewarm about them, wondering what I should do. To be honest, I still haven’t made a decision–which I suppose means I have: to keep going, for now. I rediscovered Digital Photography School and I’m thinking of using their weekly challenges to start finding a focus/theme for each week to, I don’t know, inspire me or something.

Dandelions144/365: I think most of our dandelions have gone to seed in the yard by now, which is a little sad just because I love the brightness of the yellow blossoms.

Harley Quinn Funko POP 145/365: Took a picture of this little lady for my bookstagram this week. She gets her own shelf now that the top of this little bookcase is where all of my Wonder Woman figures live. I think she needs company, though, so I’ll need to find another comic Funko to go with her soon.

black cat sleeping 146/365: What can I say? All he does is sleep, sleep, sleep. Ah, to be a cat.

Gypsy Moth caterpillar 147/365: I have such mixed feelings about this little dude. On the one hand, he was adorable and fuzzy. On the other hand, he’s a menace to the trees! I spotted him on the sidewalk when we took Lexi for a walk a few nights ago and brought him home with me with the express purpose of getting some photos. He fell off this leaf two or three times. Not the brightest creatures.

Haunted Hikes book series 148/365: I’m so glad it’s hiking season! And I’m so excited to be getting a little better at it because there are so many hikes in these books that would be great to try but they’re either too far away or too difficult for my skill level. I’ll get there, though. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a good number by the end of the summer.

yellow Kitchenaid mixer and black bean brownies in a cake stand149/365: Our counter tops are done! Or at least pretty much done. I think Dan is still oiling the last two pieces that he put in, and they don’t have a back splash yet, but it’s still a huge, wonderful difference from what we had when we moved in.

June monthly calendar

150/365: I’ve started working on my plans and schedule for June. Dan got me this customizable monthly desk calendar for Valentine’s Day and it’s pretty handy. I write down the regular blog features and Patreon reward days, and it gives me a good visual of where I’d like to be at what point in the month. I think each calendar gets a little busier each time I do it, too, but I’m not complaining.

May 31, 2017

Project 365: Days 137-143

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Now that I’m back to full-color photos, I’m feeling pretty “meh” about the results. It’s both frustrating and amusing. I feel like one thing I struggle with a lot is clarity in my photos. They often look blurry/foggy, and I’m not sure if it’s because the shutter speed is too low or if I’m just not good at focusing the lens. It’s one thing that doesn’t seem to have improved despite my efforts, so I’m not sure what to think about it just yet.

Dorothy Must Die Series by Danielle Paige 137/365: Now that it’s nice out, I’m so happy to be able to take bookstagram photos outside! I still haven’t finished this series (this is the last book, right?) in part because I want to reread the first three books along with The End of Oz, but I know I’ll get to them eventually, just like everything else on my shelves.

Loot Crate Jessica Jones figure138/365: So, I kind of went on a whining binge on twitter when I got the April Loot Crate, and while I’m still not ecstatic over what was in it, everything’s grown on me. I think my two favorite pieces were actually this Jessica Jones figure and the Stranger Things t-shirt (even if it is way too big on me).

Cheshire Cat and R2-D2 Tsum Tsum Lipsmackers 139/365: For the most part, I’m trying to keep my tsum tsum collection contained to the actual tsums themselves, but I kind of couldn’t pass up these Lip Smackers. I also really want the Yoda one and possibly Marie, but I don’t know yet. These two are different berry flavors (the Cheshire Cat reminds me of black currant) and they’re fantastic. They reminded me of just why I love Lip Smackers.

pink flowers 140/365: The giant bushes in our backyard are blooming like mad right now, and the flowers on them are the most beautiful shade of pink. This honestly doesn’t do them justice. (I know because I can see them from my office window right now.)

Girl and Dream School by Black Nelson 141/365: My mean, mean husband got rid of my wood pile, which was of course devastating because it made such a lovely bookstagram background. As it turned out, though, the brick and concrete that the pile was on isn’t so bad itself. Its good good color and texture variety, so I suppose I’m not too devastated.

chicken and vegetable wrap 142/365: So I don’t really want to talk about it and say, “I’m dieting,” even though that’s kind of what’s happening right now, but I did make this pretty delicious chicken wrap on Monday, and in fact I’ve already had it twice this week. Anyway, let’s just call it, “me trying to eat better/healthier and not have all the ice cream and candy in the world,” and then move on because I’m not at a point when I want to go too deeply into it.

pink flower

143/365: Another tragedy! This is one of the last few blooms I could find on our front bushes. They were lovely while they lasted, I suppose, and I do look forward to them returning next year.

May 24, 2017

Project 365: Days 130-136

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This might be the most satisfying week I’ve had all year, which makes me wonder if I should just do all of my photos in black and white from now on. I think maybe black and white photos are just a little more forgiving. My favorite this week is definitely the flowers from yesterday, though; they’re the pink ones from the bush next to our porch, and they’re one of my favorite things to photograph in general. Plus, they make an excellent background when I’m taking bookstagram photos out there.

Lexi on the couch130/365: Here we have Lexi in her natural habitat, because even though she has her own bed, she still likes the couch (and our bed) the best.

Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark Treasury131/365: A couple of weeks ago my mom brought over a few boxes of books from my parents’ basement so I can start going through them, and while most of them were disappointing, this was an excellent find. I can’t wait to reread this whole set of stories come October! Not much scares me, but damn, these books are skilled, especially with the accompanying illustrations.

Black and white dandelion132/365: Dandelions! I know people hate dandelions because they’re weeds and all, but I actually love them. They’re good for bees and I think they’re pretty, both when they’re yellow and when they turn into their fluffy white seed selves.

Black and white library books including Where Am I Now by Mara Wilson, The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey, and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel133/365: I actually went to the library for the first time in months on Saturday, and it was of course a satisfying trip as always. I’ve already finished Where Am I Now? and am planning on starting on The Girl With All the Gifts, which caught my attention when its film adaptation had a cover feature in Rue Morgue a few months ago. I’m pretty excited to read it, and I think it’ll probably be my next book review.

Banana bread waffles with whipped cream, maple syrup, and walnuts134/365: Saturday night, after we went grocery shopping, Dan and I were cleaning out the kitchen and he tried to say that some of our bananas were past their prime. Naturally, I responded with, “Excuse me?! Those are perfect for banana bread!” But later in the evening I decided that even better would be banana bread waffles, so that’s exactly what we had for breakfast on Sunday morning, topped with maple syrup, walnuts, and whipped cream. I’d like to think they would earn the Leslie Knope seal of approval.

Writing and reading in bed supplies, including two notebooks, Where Am I Now, an iPod, and a battle of water135/365: I woke up feeling miserable on Monday, so I made an attempt at working in bed most of the day. I maybe didn’t do as well as I could have, but I managed a blog post and half of the last piece to my Daria zine, so it’s better than nothing. I also read half of Where Am I Now? this day, along with finishing The Last Olympian. No complaints here.

Tree flower136/365: And yesterday was just beautiful. I woke up feeling wonderful and motivated, so I took a bunch of photos for bookstagram, blog posts, and this one of the flowers by the porch. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I do know that they’re darn pretty.

May 17, 2017

Project 365: Days 123-129

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I would call this week 75% successful/satisfactory, which isn’t too bad if you ask me. As it turned out, I forgot to set my camera to black and white last week and didn’t realize until my shower yesterday morning that I’d meant to. So as soon as I finished up with the photos for this post, I changed over the setting. Of course, I’ll have to switch it back and forth since I don’t do my bookstagram in black and white, but I think changing it ahead of time will help me remember overall.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King123/365: I love that we haven’t gotten rid of this wood beside the back steps yet because now that it’s nice enough to get bookstagram photos outside, it makes a decent background. I took this one on Wednesday, when the trailer for The Dark Tower came out, and I’m still wicked excited. Now I just need to, y’know, finish this book… (I’m only like fifty pages from the end!)

white tree blossoms124/365: Dan and I have decided that we need to photograph our house in springtime when we put it up for sale because the trees in the yard are so beautiful when they blossom. This one is actually in our driveway, and it’s such an ugly tree in the winter, but right now Dan can’t stop commenting on how nice it looks.

Charlie in his cat bed125/365: I can always count on this guy to be curled up in his bed and available for a photo.

maple tree126/365: I hate this picture actually. Hate hate hate it. But it was the only one I took this day, and it actually looked better on the camera than it does on the screen, so I’m pretty disappointed.

scrambled eggs

127/365: I guess the weekend was tough all around for this project, because I forgot to take a photo on Sunday! So I simply moved on and took an extra on Monday. I’ve been eating eggs like it’s my job lately, usually scrambled with some combination of spinach, mushrooms, garlic, ham, and feta cheese. It’s not exactly pretty (is a scramble ever really appealing to look at?) but it tastes excellent.

Charlie glaring128/365: Reliable ol’ Charles again. On this day I actually saw the mysterious neighbor cat, whom I’ve named Skinny Charles, which I assume is self explanatory, and another black cat whom I’ve taken to calling Mini Charles because they look to be the youngest. So basically I’m surrounded by black cats and life is good.

Dumplin' and Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy129/365: And a bookstagram photo again, one which I’m pretty pleased with too. I’ve been taking a lot outside lately and almost forgot how I usually stage them indoors. It was a rough couple of moments. I’ve only read Dumplin’ out of these two, but I’m looking forward to Side Effects May Vary, along with Julie Murphy’s next one, Ramona Blue. I really loved Dumplin’, so I’ve got high hopes for the rest.



May 10, 2017

Project 365: Days 116-122

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A mostly satisfactory week! I was thinking, though, that I’d try to do an all black and white week coming up. I noticed that I don’t seem to take any black and white photos, and even though sometimes I’ll make them black and white when I’m editing, that doesn’t really count in my mind. Oh, and an update on the photo course goal: I haven’t started one yet. As I’ve mentioned in the past couple of posts, I had a rough couple of weeks, so it just wasn’t the time to try and commit myself to a course. I also have a lot of things already planned for May, so maybe next month.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Funko POPs116/365: Rainy days are becoming the bane of my existence. I love the rain and I love curling up on the couch when it’s gray and gross outside, but getting photos is becoming so much harder. Not only do I think I already got one of these Funko POPs, but I have a second photo of them this same week. Oops!

117/365: I recently rearranged my entire collection of candles, pulling a bunch out from the cabinet I’ve been storing them in, and I was very happy with the way this side of the television stand came out. I wouldn’t call this my favorite candle of the bunch, but it’s not bad. (Plus I got it for free when I was working at Yankee Candle, so I can’t complain.)

118/365: A sunny day! I took some bookstagram photos and snapped this one from one of the trees beside our front porch. Spring is wonderful in our yard because we have a good selection of trees with blossoms on them. I couldn’t tell you what any of them are–one might be a crabapple tree?–but they look beautiful.

Black cat in an open window119/365: Charlie enjoying an open window before a rain storm that never came.

Deer Mouse120/365: Charlie caught two mice on Sunday, and one of them died because Charlie plays rough, but this one managed to survive his abuse. I brought them both outside, and this one hung around for a while, presumably in shock, so I took this photo of it before it finally ran away. Any time I rescue a mouse from Charlie, Dan makes it a point to firmly remind me that I’m not allowed to keep them, no matter how well we get along.

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Funko POPs121/365: The second photo of my HP POPs, but only because I finally completed my trio! For some reason it took me at least a year to get the Ron figure–I don’t know why–but while I was at Barnes & Noble on Sunday I just decided to buy it, regardless of how much I was already spending over the weekend. I was just tired of having an incomplete little set, and my mom loves Ron, so she was always sad to see him missing when she came over.

122/365: Lexi gives both me and Charlie a run for our money when it comes to lounging.

May 3, 2017

Project 365: Days 109-115

I’m such a homebody who hasn’t done much besides read and watch Netflix lately that it’s been a challenge getting photos. (I feel like I say that every week.) I’m dying to go on some kind of an adventure to push myself to take pictures of something other than the same old pieces of home decor, and there are some plans in the works for the next few weeks, but it’s just been a struggle. (Everything kind of has been to be honest, but that’s another post.)

Zines Packed in a Small Purple Envelope with Washi Tape109/365: Some outgoing zine mail. I haven’t been getting many orders lately, which I can only assume is due–at least in part–to the fact that I haven’t been making any new ones. I’ve been working on three, but slowly. But if you’d like a cute little package like this one, order a couple! (Mini zines get purple envelopes like this!)

Tsum Tsum Decorative Tape110/365: A few weeks ago we stopped at Marshall’s and as we walked in the doors there was a small display of Disney tsum tsum goodies, including a large pack of mini decorative tapes, so I picked them up with the few bucks left on a gift card. I haven’t used any yet, though; I’m planning to use them on the next pen pal letter I send out.

Succulents111/365: That poor bunny plant started out in the living room, but as you can see, it wasn’t doing so hot, so I thought I’d move it in with the succulents in my office to see if the added sunlight there will help them out. So far, no luck, but I’m crossing my fingers.

Wonder Woman Funko POPs and Trade Paperbacks112/365: My Wonder Woman love (obsession?) has gotten especially intense lately, though not quite to tsum tsum level. I’ve picked up the newest Funko POP for the movie, that funny little plush ball, and volume three (Iron) of the New 52 run. I’m really enjoying the story, but I wanna try out a few others too at some point.

Plant on a Windowsill113/365: Another plant that wasn’t doing well in its original spot, so I tucked it right onto the windowsill. On the one hand, the idea was perfect because it started getting much stronger, but on the other hand, Charlie started eating it! It’s the only one he’s gnawed on, and I wasn’t even sure until he knocked it down by accident. So now it’s in the living room instead on a higher shelf, but I think it’s getting plenty of sun. We’ll see.

Living Room Organization with Tsum Tsums, Candles, and DVDs114/365: Over the weekend, Dan and I picked up another cube organizer from Target to help us rearrange the living room a bit. For the longest time we were keeping a lot of our video game accessories–controllers and the like–in a neon green milk crate, but it was a big fat mess, so now they’re in two of the gray canvas baskets, including the one in the photo. It also gave me more space for my growing collection of Disney and horror DVDs, so for now nothing is looking too messy over in that corner. (It’s my new favorite corner, in fact.)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series115/365: I started rereading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series on Monday, after my post on Amber Tamblyn went up, partly because I couldn’t decide what else to read and partly because it’s been such a long time since I read them. I’ve definitely noticed details I didn’t the last few times I read them–some good, some a little cringe worth–but I still love them just as much as I always have. (Also, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite photo of the week!)

April 26, 2017

Project 365: Days 102-108

It’s Tuesday night as I put this post together, and I’ll be honest with you: I’m feeling cranky as hell. I just got my new tattoo done on Monday, and it’s in a very inconvenient spot for, well, functioning. I almost didn’t do this post on time because I was dreading trying to maneuver my arm just right, but here it is in all its–well, not quite glory. But you get what I mean.

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Eyeshadow Palette102/365: I finally picked up the Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey eyeshadow palette, and while I wasn’t terribly impressed at first, it has grown on me. I think the colors have had better pigmentation now that I’ve softened up the shadows a bit. Plus, it smells delicious, and the packaging is frickin’ adorable as heck.

Crayola crayons103/365: I spent a lot of time organizing random things last week, and my crayons were one of them. I got it into my head that they should be organized by color, so I made a bit of a rainbow in the boxes. I also have a smaller box of 24 that holds the grays, browns, and blacks.

sleeping Charles104/365: Sorry not sorry for all the cat photos throughout the weeks. He’s just so damn cute!

robin's egg blue BMW motorcycle105/365: Over the weekend, Dan bought himself a second bike–not this one–to use for parts on his everyday  bike. This is one of my favorites at the shop he goes to, though, and since I’d brought my camera with me, I had to get a photo because the color is just beautiful.

Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner and Free Stallion by Amber Tamblyn106/365: New books! I decided this was the perfect month to finish up my Amber Tamblyn poetry collection, and I finally treated myself to Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner as well. I loved The Scorpion King last year, so I’m excited to read this one asap.

Bikini Kill tattoo107/365: Admittedly a cheat photo. The entire middle of my Monday was spent sitting in a tattoo chair getting this done, so by the time I was finished I had hardly the energy to take a photo with my dSLR. Instead, you’ve got the cell phone pic of my newest tattoo after I took the wrapping off. I could say a million things about this piece, and in fact I plan to do a blog post on it in the next few weeks to tell you just how much it means to me.

Disney tsum tsums and X-Files Funko POP! figures108/365: And lastly, my growing collection of tsum tsums. Guys, I’ve gone deep into this hole. I’m more than a little obsessed. I even have a few non-plush tsum tsum goodies, like the Lip Smackers Cheshire Cat in the pile there, and also a Cheshire Cat keyring (from a blind bag), plus some stationery bobbles from the Target One Spot. I’m in love. Dan and I are even planning a trip to the Disney store at some point, which I can’t wait for!

April 19, 2017

Project 365: Days 95-101

You guys, I made it! Even if I haven’t been in love with every single photo I’ve shared so far, I have been able to share over one hundred photos in a row! That’s almost a third of this entire project, and I honestly don’t know the last time I did something that consistently for so long. And as it turns out, I’m really happy with this week’s photos. I have a cool collection of angles and cropping, and I just enjoy all of the subjects I have to share with you this week. This feels like the first 365 post in a while where I wasn’t totally bummed by my progress, and it feels amazing.

95/365: I finally ran out of room on my one comics shelf on the big wall, so I decided to move them all to a small black Target bookcase in my office, which meant moving my little Wonder Woman collection over with it, plus Harley and my special edition of Ghost World that’s too tall to fit on the actual shelves.

96/365: It’s kind of weird to realize that last week I was making a cup a day of hot cocoa (topped with generous amounts of whipped cream of course), and now I’m hoping Dan will put my hammock up soon so I can start reading out in the yard again. Weather is weird you guys. (*whispers* the earth is dying…)

97/365: Just a peek at another piece of my office–I lucked out on a trip to Funspot (the spot for fun!) back in October and ended up with the 1500 tickets necessary to win this little lady. If you don’t know, Funspot is known as the world’s largest collection of classic (late 1970s to mid 1980s) arcade games. And every time I go, about half of them are out of order. In fact, last time they didn’t even have my beloved Addams Family pinball machine out.

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2017 table setup98/365: Saturday was zine fest day, the Pioneer Valley Zine Fest to be specific. It was my fourth year as a tabler, and to be honest I wish I had been more social, but it’s hard when you’re tabling by yourself sometimes. I actually didn’t even buy any zines; everything I left with was a trade. But it was a good time like always, and I finally sold out of a couple of things that have been sitting around my box for a while.

99/365: Sunday I spring cleaned the living room a little big, which meant opening the windows to air out the house. That made somebody a happy kitty all afternoon, and it was nice to get fresh air finally circulating through the house.

Yellow Kitchen with Pegboard Wall100/365: We (meaning Dan mostly) have made a lot of progress on the kitchen lately. You can probably imagine how much of a big deal that is to me since it’s one of my favorite and most used rooms in the house. As much as I adore yellow kitchens, I kept worrying it was going to be too much in ours after it was painted, but once that pegboard was put up and everything hung on it, the room really, truly looks like a kitchen for the first time since we moved in. It’s one of my favorite views as I walk through the house now.

Disney movies101/365: I’ve decided one of my goals for my twenty-sixth year is to grow my collection of Disney movies. Not all of the ones here are Disney, but certainly the majority of them are. I’ve already picked up a few used copies, and I’m keeping a running list in my bullet journal of some favorites I’d like to add. Really, I’ve gotten deep into Disney in general lately; if you’ve seen my tsum tsum updates in my Instagram story or any of my tweets about it, you know what I mean.

April 12, 2017