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Trisha Yearwood’s Carrot Cake

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Happy Monday!

I’ve done so much today (a bit of knitting-related shopping and house cleaning mostly), so now I’m taking a short breather to listen to a bit of ABBA and share pictures of the amazing carrot cake I made last week!

Most of the goodies I bake end up going to work with Dan the next morning, and while this was no exception, I was so excited when Dan brought some leftovers home, as much as we absolutely did not need any. I may or may not have made myself sick eating the last slice last night. #worthit

I saw the recipe for Trisha Yearwood’s carrot cake in the most recent issue of Food Network Magazine when it arrived, and since I’d been wanting to make a second attempt at one–after last year’s failed, rubbery, Greek yogurt carrot cake–I went for it and, for the most part, was totally happy with it. I did bake the cakes for a little less time than the recipe states (about 35 minutes) because it actually started to smell like they were burning, and I alwaysalwaysalways use half as much powdered sugar as any cream cheese icing recipe calls for to avoid it being too sweet, but other than that, I followed the recipe as it was written!

And now to the photos! (I apologize now if they make you hungry.)

My plan for the rest of the week is just knitting, reading, and getting ready for a long weekend in NYC for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I already have my next knitting project ready to take with me on the drive, of course. I also need to step it up and make sure I’m prepared for the zine fests next weekend. I have no idea what I have for zine stock at the moment, and I haven’t even thought about what I’ll share at the reading Saturday night yet. Oops!

April 9, 2018