Project 365: Days 158-164

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One thing I love about this project is that it reminds me of what I did over the last week. Some days I feel really down on myself, as if I haven’t done anything of note, but taking these photos reminds me of even the small things I’ve done, like hang out with the cat or watch a squirrel for a few minutes, and those are things I enjoy and appreciate.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas158/365: Just a day of taking some bookstagram photos. I should really start doing a full week ahead of time over the weekend so I don’t have to miss any days. It just makes consistent posting even easier to plan ahead that way.

Charlie, the black cat159/365: The first Charlie photo for this week. I caught him sleeping on the air mattress, which is still out from the last time my mom came over. It gets good sun, so it’s one of his favorite places.

Bart Simpson doll160/365: When my mom came over for Wonder Woman, we went to the antiques store with Dan, and I found this Bart doll that I was absolutely dying to buy, but I didn’t have the money yet. So last week, as soon as I had the five dollars for it, we rushed back to the antiques store so I could snap it up. Of course, now I want the whole family.

Charlie in the sunshine161/365: And another of Charlie’s favorite spots, our bed. It also gets some good sunlight on it, so it’s not unusual to find him curled up there in the afternoon, as long as Lexi isn’t already there.

Lexi on the kitchen floor162/365: If Lexi isn’t on the bed or on the couch, then she’s most likely in the living room–usually doing something she shouldn’t be. But this time she was just flopping on the floor.

Skinnytaste pumpkin scones163/365: Monday I decided that even though it was a gazillion degrees, it was a great idea to make pumpkin scones (from the Skinnytaste cookbook). As it happens, they are delicious, even if the kitchen was comparable to hell for a few hours.

a gray squirrel on the porch164/365: I was very lucky to catch this dude lurking around the porch before he ran off to bother someone else. I love spotting squirrels out the window when I’m in the living room; there was even one day that one was climbing on the window screen. Squirrels are such weirdos sometimes.

June 14, 2017
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  • Charlie is so cute!

    • Aw, thanks! I’ll let him know you said so! 🙂

  • Kay

    Love watching squirrels as well! With many trees surrounding our house, they’re always acrobating through the branches. Those scones look delish!

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