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Small Goals

I did my first monthly/small goals post in a while last month, and I really enjoyed having a focus for May, especially only a few small ones. I didn’t feel too overwhelmed, and even though I–spoiler–didn’t fully accomplish any of them, I do feel like I accomplished something on each of  them, so I’m not getting down on myself either. I’m excited to go over last month’s goals, see what I can continue versus what I want to change or set aside for a while and share a couple of goals for June as well.

Send out three writing submissions.  I sent out one. However, I did make a list of places to submit, and I’m currently revising a piece to send out in the next week or so. Sometimes you just don’t have the right thing to share, either because the publication has a certain theme or you just haven’t found the right place for what you have. But I’m excited to be taking steps, even if they’re slow baby steps for now.

Finish my Daria zine.  I’ve got all of the text laid out in InDesign and ready to print, but I started second guessing whether or not I want to finish this project the way I’ve set it up so far. I’m not feeling enthusiastic about the pieces I’ve written, and part of me would like to open it up to submissions for a bigger comp zine. I’m nervous to do it, though, because the last few times I’ve tried, I haven’t gotten nearly enough submissions. So I think this is going to sit around on my laptop for a while until I decide where to take it.

Write another 3,000 words on my novel.  Close! I got through 2,000 words, which is more than I’ve done since about February, so I can’t fault myself for it. The first thousand flew by, which was of course exciting and encouraging, but then as I moved onto the next thousand, boy, was that a slog. But I managed that much at least, so at least I’m that much further along with the book.

Finish writing and revising Whatsername #4. I’m thrilled to work on this issue of my perzine because it’s all about my relationship with horror and being a weirdo goth/emo/punk kid in school. I started working on this before I’d even finished issue three simply because I’ve been getting so deep into horror again, and it’s brought back a lot of nostalgia for me over the past couple of months. I’ve got a rough outline, and I’m having such a blast writing each piece, so I think this one is definitely achievable for me.

Write for at least fifteen minutes every day. I have a little row of habit tracker boxes specifically for this, and it’s kind of a dream for me to fill out every one of them for June. I’m going to count all kinds of things, too: blog posts, journaling, poetry, novel work, whatever–just maybe not my grocery list. I’ve never had a good habit for my writing, at least not a lasting one, and I’d like to start making it a more regular part of my day. I’m hoping to go back over the bit on writing in Lauren Graham’s book because that made such a difference for me when I first read it that I think it’ll be helpful to take another look.

Read five books. I’ve been a very slow reader this year. By this time last year I’d read about twice as many books as I have now, and while it’s not a contest, I do love to read. I just haven’t been making it a priority, instead letting myself get sucked into way too many shows on Netflix or listening to podcasts and coloring (which is fine and relaxing, but maybe something I need to take a break on, especially now that I’m caught up on my favorites). It’s just unusual for me not to read more than I have been, so I’d like to get back to my usual self. My tbr right now only has three books for the month, but I’m sure I can find more once I finish those.

I really wanted to include something that wasn’t “write…”, but I guess the best I could do was a reading goal instead. What can I say? I’m a lover of the written word.

What are some of your June goals, big or small?

June 5, 2017
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  • Kay

    I too am having a very slow reading year. Best of luck with your goals! I definitely relate on having goals basically all be about one subject – mine are pretty much all art related!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I guess we just know what we like and what’s important to us. xP

  • Awesome goals! Five books in one month is so lofty for me – I rarely get one finished. Need to work on that…yikes!

    • Thanks! As it turns out, I’ve actually read five books most months so far this year, so it actually shouldn’t even be that much of a challenge. But I’m hoping that having that as my goal might help me get through even more this month.

  • Truly an amazing post, pretty interesting, I love it, thank you for sharing!!!


  • I love zines! Good luck getting it finished. I love reading, it’s great reading! Though Netflix is so tempting!

    • Thanks! Yeah, Netflix is definitely a big temptation around here.

  • thetechchef

    I love how small goals encourages even the littlest victories. 2 steps forward is better than none at all. We dropped Netflix when we moved, and it’s helped me find a lot more time to read. (Although Netflix and coloring still sounds pretty relaxing to me.)

    • Netflix and coloring is definitely a good time, but believe me I see the appeal of dropping Netflix too. I’ve considered a few times the past few months, but I think my husband would feel like I cut off one of his limbs!

  • Wow, congrats on getting through 2,000 words!! And for even sending out one submission! I’m so unmotivated to do creative (non-blog) writing these days, so that sounds like a lot of progress to me!

    • Thank you! I’m definitely trying to still give myself credit for what I /did/ accomplish, even if I didn’t meet the numbers I was aiming for.

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