Project 365: Days 144-150

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I almost quit this week. I really, seriously thought about it. I missed a photo on Friday and thought about just giving up on the project because it’s the second day in a month that I missed and I haven’t felt at all enthusiastic about it the past couple of weeks, save for the black and white week. It feels like every day lately has been too dark and rainy to get any decent photos. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people get such well-lit shots inside their home. Is their every wall made of a window?

But still I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stop, so I kept taking photos and feeling lukewarm about them, wondering what I should do. To be honest, I still haven’t made a decision–which I suppose means I have: to keep going, for now. I rediscovered Digital Photography School and I’m thinking of using their weekly challenges to start finding a focus/theme for each week to, I don’t know, inspire me or something.

Dandelions144/365: I think most of our dandelions have gone to seed in the yard by now, which is a little sad just because I love the brightness of the yellow blossoms.

Harley Quinn Funko POP 145/365: Took a picture of this little lady for my bookstagram this week. She gets her own shelf now that the top of this little bookcase is where all of my Wonder Woman figures live. I think she needs company, though, so I’ll need to find another comic Funko to go with her soon.

black cat sleeping 146/365: What can I say? All he does is sleep, sleep, sleep. Ah, to be a cat.

Gypsy Moth caterpillar 147/365: I have such mixed feelings about this little dude. On the one hand, he was adorable and fuzzy. On the other hand, he’s a menace to the trees! I spotted him on the sidewalk when we took Lexi for a walk a few nights ago and brought him home with me with the express purpose of getting some photos. He fell off this leaf two or three times. Not the brightest creatures.

Haunted Hikes book series 148/365: I’m so glad it’s hiking season! And I’m so excited to be getting a little better at it because there are so many hikes in these books that would be great to try but they’re either too far away or too difficult for my skill level. I’ll get there, though. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a good number by the end of the summer.

yellow Kitchenaid mixer and black bean brownies in a cake stand149/365: Our counter tops are done! Or at least pretty much done. I think Dan is still oiling the last two pieces that he put in, and they don’t have a back splash yet, but it’s still a huge, wonderful difference from what we had when we moved in.

June monthly calendar

150/365: I’ve started working on my plans and schedule for June. Dan got me this customizable monthly desk calendar for Valentine’s Day and it’s pretty handy. I write down the regular blog features and Patreon reward days, and it gives me a good visual of where I’d like to be at what point in the month. I think each calendar gets a little busier each time I do it, too, but I’m not complaining.

May 31, 2017
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  • Of course, there’s no reason to continue with something you no longer enjoy, but I’ve got to say I do love looking through people’s Project 365 photos. For the photographer it may feel boring if you have a quiet day and just have to make do with photographing something you look at everyday, but for us reading these posts, each photo is another sliver of you and your life. It’s like another piece of the puzzle, and I find it really interesting to see what other people see and do every single day. That’s just me though! 😅

    • I do love seeing other people’s photos too, and for all I know they end up feeling as bored or stuck as I am lately. And really, that’s my problem–it’s not so much that I don’t like taking the photos, but I feel like I’m running out of subjects. I’m hoping that the DPS challenges will start helping me to look at things differently and stretch my skills a little further.

  • Kay

    How did I now know a Haunted Hikes book exists?! I’ll have to get my hands on that immediately. I hope you choose to continue with your 365 project, for the totally selfish reason of I enjoy looking through your photos! 🙂 But obviously, if it’s something that’s become more of a burden than a source of inspiration, maybe keep taking one a day but just don’t share them? So that way you still have a photo for each day, and you can look back and say FUCK YEAH I COMPLETED THIS but it takes off that pressure of having to come up with something you deem worthy for internet eyes to view. Just a thought! I love your photos, so I’m always happy to peruse.

    • I honestly don’t even remember how I found them. I might have stumbled upon them at the bookstore in Keene one time. But /technically/ they’re Dan’s books because I got them for him as gifts–even though he isn’t a ghost person.

      I think part of what I need to do is reevaluate my feelings on “internet worthy.” Like they don’t have to be beautiful photos, even if my goal is to improve, because not every day is going to present itself that way anyway. I haven’t given up so far, though, so I think that’s a plus on some level.

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