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My adoration for Wonder Woman is no secret. I frequently share peeks of my growing Amazonian shrine, receive numerous Facebook shares from friends who find some Wonder Woman-themed post, and cry just thinking about the film coming out in only a few more days. With the film’s release only a few days a way, it seems only fitting that Diana is this month’s Rad Gal.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Wonder Woman. In middle school, I got the most amazing, comfortable pair of Wonder Woman yoga pants from Hot Topic, and I only just admitted defeat a few years ago when the holes grew too big to keep making excuses to wear them. It was only in the past few years, though, that I got the chance to begin collecting and reading any comics, and I don’t feel like I’ve read nearly enough–because that’s what it’s like in the world of comics; there’s so much to ingest that it never feels like enough–but what I’ve read so far makes me feel so happy and strong and brave with each turn of the page.

As I sit here writing this, I’m still astounded that we’re so close to a big screen solo film debut for Diana, a feat that’s been seventy-five years in the making. That’s nearly three times my life so far! It took slogging through eight Superman films and eight Batman films (at least; I only did a cursory search) to reach this point. And part of me is terrified because while the critical response has been good so far, I’ve gotten my hopes up before only to be let down–not by the film, but by the popular reception. No matter how much I love something, my love alone isn’t enough to carry it. Here’s to hoping that she helps to bust open the doors to so many more female-led superhero films, in production and on screen.

In many ways, Diana is everything I would like to be–in physicality and personality, let’s be honest. She’s strong, both in combat and attitude. She commands respect, but she aims for peace rather than finding mindless thrill in battle (one of her tools is the Lasso of Truth, after all). Her compassion is constant and astounding, and she shows a patience that I can only dream of finding in myself. She’s not perfect, which only makes her that much more relatable and within reach for those of us who are not Amazons, but that doesn’t take away from all the good that she does.

To those who argued against Wonder Woman’s UN Ambassadorship: She is an amazing role model, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her existence. I can only feel sorry for anyone who can’t look past her physical stature as a “large breasted white woman of impossible proportions” to see that.

And now I leave you with this Nerdist tribute video, which also makes me cry because I am just so, so happy that Wonder Woman exists in this world.

May 29, 2017
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  • Kay

    So. I won’t actually be seeing this in theaters. As a character, Wonder Woman has just never grabbed me; I carry no special love her for or the comics, or the old show. However, I WILL absolutely be buying tickets! Because I ABSOLUTELY want to support both a female superhero lead AND a female director. And as much as it sucks, money talks. So I am totally okay with putting my money towards this even though I don’t particularly want to arrange a baby sitter and go see it in the theater. Because I want it to do well, and be a success since I feel like so much rides on it (unfairly, but it’s true.) I’ll be streaming it down the road though for sure!

    • That’s totally fair. I understand that not everyone is going to love every character (I didn’t see Man of Steel or Ant-Man in theaters; MoS wasn’t a loss, but Ant-Man was enjoyable later on). But I appreciate that you understand and support the significance of the moment (and this weekend specifically). And I definitely hope you enjoy it when you do get to see it!

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