Project 365: Days 123-129

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I would call this week 75% successful/satisfactory, which isn’t too bad if you ask me. As it turned out, I forgot to set my camera to black and white last week and didn’t realize until my shower yesterday morning that I’d meant to. So as soon as I finished up with the photos for this post, I changed over the setting. Of course, I’ll have to switch it back and forth since I don’t do my bookstagram in black and white, but I think changing it ahead of time will help me remember overall.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King123/365: I love that we haven’t gotten rid of this wood beside the back steps yet because now that it’s nice enough to get bookstagram photos outside, it makes a decent background. I took this one on Wednesday, when the trailer for The Dark Tower came out, and I’m still wicked excited. Now I just need to, y’know, finish this book… (I’m only like fifty pages from the end!)

white tree blossoms124/365: Dan and I have decided that we need to photograph our house in springtime when we put it up for sale because the trees in the yard are so beautiful when they blossom. This one is actually in our driveway, and it’s such an ugly tree in the winter, but right now Dan can’t stop commenting on how nice it looks.

Charlie in his cat bed125/365: I can always count on this guy to be curled up in his bed and available for a photo.

maple tree126/365: I hate this picture actually. Hate hate hate it. But it was the only one I took this day, and it actually looked better on the camera than it does on the screen, so I’m pretty disappointed.

scrambled eggs

127/365: I guess the weekend was tough all around for this project, because I forgot to take a photo on Sunday! So I simply moved on and took an extra on Monday. I’ve been eating eggs like it’s my job lately, usually scrambled with some combination of spinach, mushrooms, garlic, ham, and feta cheese. It’s not exactly pretty (is a scramble ever really appealing to look at?) but it tastes excellent.

Charlie glaring128/365: Reliable ol’ Charles again. On this day I actually saw the mysterious neighbor cat, whom I’ve named Skinny Charles, which I assume is self explanatory, and another black cat whom I’ve taken to calling Mini Charles because they look to be the youngest. So basically I’m surrounded by black cats and life is good.

Dumplin' and Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy129/365: And a bookstagram photo again, one which I’m pretty pleased with too. I’ve been taking a lot outside lately and almost forgot how I usually stage them indoors. It was a rough couple of moments. I’ve only read Dumplin’ out of these two, but I’m looking forward to Side Effects May Vary, along with Julie Murphy’s next one, Ramona Blue. I really loved Dumplin’, so I’ve got high hopes for the rest.



May 10, 2017
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  • Kay

    We have so many strays in our town that congregate in our yard…mainly because I have a giant catnip mint plant in our front flower bed. 😀 Surprisingly, none of them are black! Also, love the woodpile as a bg for bookstagram shots! If rustic-outdoorsy-goth is a thing, count me in that category.

    • This makes me want to plant catnip in our yard so badly now. I want to hang out with all of the cats! Also, rustic-outdoorsy-goth is definitely a thing, and now I want to make a pinterest board inspired by it just for fun.

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