Project 365: Days 116-122

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A mostly satisfactory week! I was thinking, though, that I’d try to do an all black and white week coming up. I noticed that I don’t seem to take any black and white photos, and even though sometimes I’ll make them black and white when I’m editing, that doesn’t really count in my mind. Oh, and an update on the photo course goal: I haven’t started one yet. As I’ve mentioned in the past couple of posts, I had a rough couple of weeks, so it just wasn’t the time to try and commit myself to a course. I also have a lot of things already planned for May, so maybe next month.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Funko POPs116/365: Rainy days are becoming the bane of my existence. I love the rain and I love curling up on the couch when it’s gray and gross outside, but getting photos is becoming so much harder. Not only do I think I already got one of these Funko POPs, but I have a second photo of them this same week. Oops!

117/365: I recently rearranged my entire collection of candles, pulling a bunch out from the cabinet I’ve been storing them in, and I was very happy with the way this side of the television stand came out. I wouldn’t call this my favorite candle of the bunch, but it’s not bad. (Plus I got it for free when I was working at Yankee Candle, so I can’t complain.)

118/365: A sunny day! I took some bookstagram photos and snapped this one from one of the trees beside our front porch. Spring is wonderful in our yard because we have a good selection of trees with blossoms on them. I couldn’t tell you what any of them are–one might be a crabapple tree?–but they look beautiful.

Black cat in an open window119/365: Charlie enjoying an open window before a rain storm that never came.

Deer Mouse120/365: Charlie caught two mice on Sunday, and one of them died because Charlie plays rough, but this one managed to survive his abuse. I brought them both outside, and this one hung around for a while, presumably in shock, so I took this photo of it before it finally ran away. Any time I rescue a mouse from Charlie, Dan makes it a point to firmly remind me that I’m not allowed to keep them, no matter how well we get along.

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Funko POPs121/365: The second photo of my HP POPs, but only because I finally completed my trio! For some reason it took me at least a year to get the Ron figure–I don’t know why–but while I was at Barnes & Noble on Sunday I just decided to buy it, regardless of how much I was already spending over the weekend. I was just tired of having an incomplete little set, and my mom loves Ron, so she was always sad to see him missing when she came over.

122/365: Lexi gives both me and Charlie a run for our money when it comes to lounging.

May 3, 2017
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  • Kay

    What a cute little mouse! I always flip out when my kitty gets one because he plays so hard with them but doesn’t actually kill them. I can’t handle the maiming. D:

    • Me too! My cat is such a bully (and also kind of bad at catching them), and even though I know they’ll probably just find their way back in, I can’t help trying to snap them up and put them outside away from the beast.

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