It’s Friday; I’m in Love #87

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, you guys. Firstly, every time I get a new tattoo, I get very vigilant about taking care of it while it heals–some (Dan) would even say too vigilant, to the point that it hinders just about everything else I try to do. Since my newest is also my largest, it’s taking longer and feeling much itchier than the rest have, and it’s just been such a damper on my mood. I feel like all I can do is read and watch Netflix to avoid rubbing my arm across things too much, and sleeping has been a real struggle. I’ve barely gotten any writing done all month, which feels especially awful. The only bright side is all the reading, but even that’s not enough to make me feel okay.

On top of that, I’ve been having an awful couple of body image weeks, which I also think is related to the tattoo since I haven’t been able to put on (or, rather, take off) a sports bra, so I haven’t been working out. There are a lot of other reasons behind it too, most of which my logical self knows are absurd, but it’s not exactly an on-off switch type of deal. I’ve had snide comments from years ago crossing my mind at the most unexpected times, and I cringe any time I scroll through old photos on my phone.

There have been good parts to this month, but the bummer mood feels like such a shadow over them all.

amazing birthday gifts from friends ♥ one month to Wonder Woman ♥ new tattoos (even if they itch like the devil) ♥ The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ♥ mac & cheese and the myriad ways you can make it ♥ Snapple on sale ♥ starting a new Goosebumps collection ♥ candles ♥ rewatching Parks & Recreation ♥ getting back into bookstagram ♥ cats. I just love cats ♥ discount DVDs ♥ Disney tsum tsums + JC Penney sales ♥ getting creative with zine packaging ♥ blind bags ♥ bursting with new Etsy/zine ideas ♥ having my hair brushed ♥ a clean house

Three ways to make next month great:

  • Watch an hour less of TV each day. / This is directly related to April, after spending so much of my time the last three weeks of the month watching Netflix. I love TV, but I love doing other stuff too, and I need to remember to take the time to do those other things.
  • Share your work. / I specifically have a goal of sending out three writing submissions this month, whether it’s three separate pieces or simultaneous submissions to three publications. It’s not necessary to share what you do with other people, but it can be nice, so I’d like to start focusing on it more often.
  • Stick to a habit. / I made a habit tracker in my bullet journal for April, and while most things didn’t get filled out every day, I did stick closely to drinking a little over a liter of water each day. I’d like to keep that up (possibly increasing to two liters) and also pick at least one other habit to work on. I’m leaning towards writing, but we’ll see.

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a monthly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past month, big and small; to share ways to make the next month a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.

April 28, 2017
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  • Kay

    I really, really, really, need to put effort into drinking water. I often drink less than 24oz a day…not cool, self.

    • I used to be absolutely awful about it, but now it’s one of the only things I drink. Sometimes I’ll have something else once or twice a week, but I have a big sugar problem, so I’ve really tried to cut down on anything that isn’t water or unsweetened tea. My best suggestion is adding sliced fruit because then it at least tastes like something.

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