Project 365: Days 95-101

You guys, I made it! Even if I haven’t been in love with every single photo I’ve shared so far, I have been able to share over one hundred photos in a row! That’s almost a third of this entire project, and I honestly don’t know the last time I did something that consistently for so long. And as it turns out, I’m really happy with this week’s photos. I have a cool collection of angles and cropping, and I just enjoy all of the subjects I have to share with you this week. This feels like the first 365 post in a while where I wasn’t totally bummed by my progress, and it feels amazing.

95/365: I finally ran out of room on my one comics shelf on the big wall, so I decided to move them all to a small black Target bookcase in my office, which meant moving my little Wonder Woman collection over with it, plus Harley and my special edition of Ghost World that’s too tall to fit on the actual shelves.

96/365: It’s kind of weird to realize that last week I was making a cup a day of hot cocoa (topped with generous amounts of whipped cream of course), and now I’m hoping Dan will put my hammock up soon so I can start reading out in the yard again. Weather is weird you guys. (*whispers* the earth is dying…)

97/365: Just a peek at another piece of my office–I lucked out on a trip to Funspot (the spot for fun!) back in October and ended up with the 1500 tickets necessary to win this little lady. If you don’t know, Funspot is known as the world’s largest collection of classic (late 1970s to mid 1980s) arcade games. And every time I go, about half of them are out of order. In fact, last time they didn’t even have my beloved Addams Family pinball machine out.

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest 2017 table setup98/365: Saturday was zine fest day, the Pioneer Valley Zine Fest to be specific. It was my fourth year as a tabler, and to be honest I wish I had been more social, but it’s hard when you’re tabling by yourself sometimes. I actually didn’t even buy any zines; everything I left with was a trade. But it was a good time like always, and I finally sold out of a couple of things that have been sitting around my box for a while.

99/365: Sunday I spring cleaned the living room a little big, which meant opening the windows to air out the house. That made somebody a happy kitty all afternoon, and it was nice to get fresh air finally circulating through the house.

Yellow Kitchen with Pegboard Wall100/365: We (meaning Dan mostly) have made a lot of progress on the kitchen lately. You can probably imagine how much of a big deal that is to me since it’s one of my favorite and most used rooms in the house. As much as I adore yellow kitchens, I kept worrying it was going to be too much in ours after it was painted, but once that pegboard was put up and everything hung on it, the room really, truly looks like a kitchen for the first time since we moved in. It’s one of my favorite views as I walk through the house now.

Disney movies101/365: I’ve decided one of my goals for my twenty-sixth year is to grow my collection of Disney movies. Not all of the ones here are Disney, but certainly the majority of them are. I’ve already picked up a few used copies, and I’m keeping a running list in my bullet journal of some favorites I’d like to add. Really, I’ve gotten deep into Disney in general lately; if you’ve seen my tsum tsum updates in my Instagram story or any of my tweets about it, you know what I mean.

April 12, 2017
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  • Kay

    DUDE. We have the same color kitchen. This is furthering my thoughts that we might actually just be separated at birth. 😀 I absolutely love that pegboard! Such a great addition.

    And I’m with you on the weather being insane; going from a foot of snow to windows open in a one week span is not normal.

    • I have been dying for a kitchen pegboard for years, since Dan and I saw Julie & Julia in the theater, and I almost can’t believe I finally have one. It’s easily my favorite part of the kitchen, and it already feels like it’s made life so much easier and more organized in there.

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