Project 365: Days 81-87

A good week, both in general and in photos! It helped that my birthday was over the weekend, so I did some fun things and acquired some goodies for photographing.

I was writing my photo check boxes into my planner on Sunday night, and I realized I’m slowly but surely coming up on being one third of the way through this project. I’m pretty sure that’s the farthest I’ve ever made it on a project 365 attempt, and I think it’s safe to assume it has to do with having a regular schedule for sharing the results. Any other time I’ve tried, I didn’t have an outlet for sharing the photos (because I didn’t bother, to be honest) and that created just the right lack of accountability to allow me to quit a few weeks in. But I’m almost finished with three months, and even if I’ve had some rough weeks, you know what? I’m proud of my success so far.

small parts zine issue 00481/365: Last week I released a new issue of Small Parts, which was exciting as I hadn’t done one in a few years or so. It includes a Patreon reward piece from February (funereal crows) plus my March flash fiction here on the blog.

Wizard of Oz 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle82/365: Last week I finally dove into this thousand-piece puzzle I’ve had stored in a cabinet for a year or two. I ended up spending about three days on it and finishing it up Saturday night when we got back from a bar in town that Dan’s been wanting to try out. Wild child that I am, I had a ginger ale and played video games on my PSP while there.

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and walnuts83/365: Friday I baked my birthday cake: carrot with cream cheese frosting and walnuts on top. The flavor was absolutely wonderful and the frosting especially was delicious, but the texture was so rubbery that Dan and I didn’t even finish our slices. I’m thinking it was the Greek yogurt I subbed in for oil. But I sent the leftovers home with our friend Chris on Sunday, so no waste!

SK Pierce Mansion, Gardner, MA84/365: Saturday morning before Chris came over for the night, Dan and I drove out towards Gardner and took a drive around the town to see some cemeteries and oddities. We saw the SK Pierce mansion–reportedly haunted–for the second time, and I was surprised to see it had gotten a paint job.

Sailor Moon Volume 9 and Volume 1085/365: When we went to dinner in Northampton Friday night, we made a quick stop at a few shops while waiting for a seat to be available, and I picked up two more volumes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon from the comics shop. I also bought myself used copies of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and season three of The Simpsons, both collections I’m looking to expand.

blog bullet journaling86/365: I spent the majority of Monday this week working on my bullet journal, which I haven’t even opened in almost six months, and setting it up for tracking blog and Etsy stats and to-dos. I’m a little worried that doing this will make me feel bogged down by numbers and such, but I’m giving it a shot for now. If it depresses me or stresses me out, I’ll rethink the process.

Elvira Funko POP! and tarot cards87/365: The newest lady in my Funko family: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. I have been dying to add her to my shelves for months since she came out, and my lovely mother picked her out as one of my birthday gifts this year! She’s on my witchy shelf, of course. (Don’t tell the others, but I think she might be my favorite!)

March 29, 2017
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  • Alexandra Charitan

    Oh my that house is a dream! Just a bonus that it’s haunted 😉

    • I know, right? Especially now that they’re renovating it, and I think they’re going to start letting people spend the night when it’s ready, so I’m really hoping to get the chance sometime.

  • Kay

    Awesome photos! That haunted house looks amazing.

    I have a bullet journal, but I don’t really use it for much more than tracking and daily journaling. I know a lot of people go crazy with them, but I just haven’t felt like investing the time into it.

    • That’s kind of what I use my bullet journal for too–lots of tracking for the most part. I have a separate journal and a planner, and I’m not sure if I’ll switch to a full bullet journal planning system at the end of the year or just keep it for blog/business/habit/note tracking like I’m doing now. But it’s not like there’s a rush to decide right now anyway!

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