Project 365: Days 74-80

I have to admit that there are a couple of days (mostly over the weekend) when I was absolutely exhausted and struggling to get photos because my mom was visiting and she stays up very late and we kept busy each day. Overall, though, I’m really happy with what I came up with, especially the food photos. Now that the kitchen is coming together and cleaned regularly, it’s not the worst thing to get photos of finished baking projects.

cinnamon raisin bread74/365: Last Wednesday as part of my bread project I decided to whip up this cinnamon raisin bread from The Joy of Baking. I’m really trying to utilize that cookbook the most lately because I’ve had it for a long time but always seem to use the same three recipes. (Fun fact: The day after I made this, Lexi ate all but the first two slices Dan and I got. She’s just awful sometimes, but I guess I still love her.)

guinness stout chocolate cupcakes with bailey's irish cream frosting75/365: To get festive, I also ended up making these Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s Irish cream Swiss meringue buttercream on Thursday. I’d never made a Swiss meringue buttercream before, but it was a first-time success and my new favorite type of buttercream. I’m also in love with my new, proper piping bag and coupler, and I love the tip (1M) that I picked out. It’s such a beautiful swirl!

honeycomb shelves corner76/365: My favorite view into our living room. I love this corner so much, especially now that the little black bookcase is better organized than it used to be. Fun fact: Dan built those honeycomb shelves, and he’s had a couple of requests from people to make them some, but he always says he’s not good enough yet. I think he’s wrong. I think they’re fantastic.

wooden address sign77/365: Dan’s sister got us this sign a couple of years ago, shortly after we moved into our house. We’re planning on moving in a couple of years, so we’ll have to get a new one because it’s pretty darn cute, and it definitely fits my homey country house aesthetic (if not my personal weirdo goth-punk one).

cactus plant78/365: My one and only cactus in the house. I’m not sure if I want anymore, but I do like this one a lot–even if Home Depot thought it was a good idea to hot glue a fake flower to the top. In fact, my plants collection hasn’t grown at all over the past week or two, which is a little sad, but maybe I’ll indulge again after Dan starts his new job next week.

green day shirt79/365: I got this shirt at the Green Day concert in Worcester last Friday, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I saw it back in October when I saw them at the House of Blues but didn’t get a chance to grab one, so I made sure to pick it up as soon as we got into the venue.

small parts 004 zine80/365: Small Parts. I’ve been struggling to work on some of the zines I have in mind right now (which is a lot of them), so I spent yesterday picking out some finished pieces to throw together a new issue of Small Parts. I haven’t published one of these in a few years, so I’m excited to have a new one to put out. I’ll be spending today cutting, assembling, and stapling the finished issue.

March 22, 2017
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  • Alexandra Charitan

    I love those honeycomb shelves! They look so fun to fill with knick knacks 🙂

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I did with them, and I love the way they look in the room. 🙂

  • Kay

    I still can’t get over how perfect that loaf of bread is. I can’t believe the pup got it all, nooooooo! 😀 Also, that shirt is excellent.

    • I know! I was so proud of myself! It was really kind of funny because we went to the post office, and when we got home I saw some plastic on the floor and asked Lexi what she had gotten into but couldn’t figure it out, so I just shrugged. Then when I pretend collapsed on the kitchen floor while talking to Dan, my head fell riiight next to the rest of the bag and I immediately knew what had happened. I was mad at her for a good 24 hours after that one.

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