Project 365: Days 60-66

Honestly, when I was putting this week’s post together, I thought half the pictures were just going to be awful because I kind of half-assed it the last couple of days. As it turns out, they’re really not that bad at all. Not perfect, but also not nearly as disappointing as I was expecting–not disappointing at all, actually! I think my favorite turned out to be the tabletop while I was putting together my new perzine. Even though the whole right side is blown out, I kind of like that (and I promise I was aware of it when I took the photo). Of course, I can’t forget about Charlie, either. I took the photo of him while I was getting some for my office tour post. He’s just the best working companion.

60/365: Essay writing. I spend so much time in this exact scene lately, but I have yet to get tired of it–probably because I allow myself to still switch it up once in a while. Some days I work in the living room, but most days (especially during the week), I make good use of this desk of mine.

61/365: Zine assembly. I spent so many hours on Thursday cutting and pasting for my newest zine, and it thankfully only resulted in one minor meltdown. I’m pretty sure every time I do a new zine it becomes my favorite, and that’s just as true with this one (though I’m still super critical of my work).

62/365: My office assistant. If my week doesn’t include a Charles, then did I really accomplish my 365 roundup? He’s been loving the sunny weather we’ve had, and he spends so many days sprawled out across my office floor. It’s nice to have the company.

63/365: Tsum Tsums. I both love and hate how inexpensive these little dudes can be because if I’m out shopping and stumble on one (or two, or five) that I want, it’s not likely I’ll be able to say no. Luckily, I’m kind of particular about what characters I get, so my collection hasn’t gotten too large yet.

64/365: Sticky. I made sticky buns for the first time over the weekend, and they were a massive success. I’ve been trying to use my cookbooks more, rather than Pinterest, so this is another from The Joy of Cooking, like last week’s cookies. I was skeptical about the dough at first, but it turned out to be just fantastic!

65/365: Run rabbit. I picked up a couple of new planters from Target’s dollar spot over the weekend, and this one is probably my favorite, even though I think it’s actually supposed to be a candy dish. I’ve had my eye on the $3 bunnies for a while now, so I’m excited to finally have one.

66/365: Goals. Confession: I’m awful at remembering my own goals, so while procrastinating yesterday, I decided to make this little printed checklist of my 2017 goals for the back of my planner, and I’m so glad I did! (Fun fact: The sticky buns are one of my twelve breads!) It even flips over so I can list the breads I make and the hikes we go on and such.

March 8, 2017
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  • Kay

    THAT STICKY BUN. It looks so flipping good. Also, I love the idea of printing out your goals to have on more than just a blog post, I am totally stealing that idea. 😀

    • Omg take it! It was such a great idea because I actually have something to /look at/ now rather than trying to remember what was on the list two months from now and just shrugging it off when I can’t.

  • I love that you make zines! That’s so cool! Also, that sticky bun looks delicious and now I want one.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the sticky buns were absolutely amazing. I’m actually going to start using the dough for my cinnamon buns, too (because even though I use the same cookbook for them, the dough recipes are different).

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