Project 365: Days 53-59

You know, I’m not sure there’s any photo I don’t like this week. Certainly there could be improvements on some, if not all, but I think this was a week when I managed to try a few new things–sometimes out of sheer desperation–and they for the most part worked out in my favor. Today is gray and rainy, so I know it’s going to be a challenge to get a good photo, but it’s just another challenge. I can always bring out the tripod if I need to.

53/365: The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Just something simple to start this set with. I think this was my favorite bookstagram photo I took on Wednesday because it combined so many aesthetically appealing items. Honestly, though, the poetry collection is fabulous.

54/365: Sleeping angel kitty. Don’t let this face fool you, though. Charlie has been quite the little pain in the ass since he’s gone on steroids for his lesions, which are nearly cleared up. He refuses to eat the pills on his own, and he’s gotten even more aggressive towards Lexi, though she’s also been stealing his food, so can you blame him?

55/365: Newsletter assembly. I produced my first seasonal newsletter for Nine Lives last week and they started going out with orders on Monday. I’m so happy with how they turned out, and I really hope people enjoy them and find them even a little bit useful–or at least entertaining.

56/365: Fresh ink. I’ve started using my typewriter to address all zine orders, but over the weekend the ink was getting a little faded, so I freshened up the ribbon and now it’s tip top! It’s a hell of a lot more difficult to type on this little lady than it is on a laptop, though.

57/365: Library books. I’ve made good on my recent goals to go to the library more, and even though I miss blowing all of my money at the bookstore every couple of weeks, I also love supporting the library. Plus, it’s much easier to walk out with an armload of books without feeling guilty!

58/365: New zines. I’ve been trying to get back into ordering and reading zines now that I’m essentially making money only from them and Patreon, so I want to be sure that it’s a circular effort: I support others in the hopes that eventually someone else will support me.

59/365: Cookies. I think this was the first time I’ve used the chocolate chip cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking, and I was not disappointed. Of course, the fact that I added Reese’s peanut butter chips and chopped walnuts probably helped, as well.

March 1, 2017
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  • Kay

    Lovely shots! That cookie pic….makes me drool. 😀

    • Thanks! The cookies were definitely a hit around our house. Usually I send leftover sweets to work with Dan, but this time we kept them around for ourselves. (Also, fair warning, there’s a sticky bun photo coming up this week!)

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