Project 365: Days 46-52

I have some serious mixed feelings about this week’s photos. I’m still working with color and clarity a lot, and sometimes no amount of photo retakes or fiddling around in Photoshop can make everything look exactly how I imagine. Still, I have some from this week that I absolutely love, so it’s not a total loss or anything, just a learning process.

46/365: My first order from Band of Weirdos. There was a special for a mystery box of “misfit” pins (five for $10) so I treated myself to some and was not at all disappointed! (I’m also in love with the partner website, Moss Love. *heart eyes emoji*)

47/365: My favorite corner of my home office. I’m so grateful to have a space of my own to work in our house, and this has quickly become my favorite corner in that space. It actually already looks a little different from  this photo because my plant obsession is not slowing down.

48/365: A hedgie and a jade. Michaels was having a 50% off sale on their terrarium supplies, so I picked up some pebbles and this little hedgehog figure, then got a new jade succulent and some moss from Home Depot to make my plant collection a little fancier.

49/365: Perch cat. Charlie’s been on steroids the past couple of weeks for his autoimmune disease, so on top of being more aggressive toward Lexi, he’s also been acting a bit more mischievous. I often find him perched on the bar cart and dining room table or roaming around the kitchen counter.

50/365: An unending obsession with plants. I released this mini zine on succulents over the weekend because I have been all about mini zines lately (and also plants). If you’re at all interested in the basics of cactus/succulent care, you can order it via Etsy.

51/365: Newsletter. I’m putting together a seasonal newsletter to start sending out with zine orders and to give out free at zine fests, and I’m kind of in love with how it’s coming along. I’m typing and doing general layout in InDesign, but I’ll still cut and paste like usual because I just love how it looks.

52/365: Support your fellow artists. My zinester/writer pal Jessie Lynn McMains was interviewed for the newest issue of Maximumrocknroll and it was one of the most inspirational and resonant pieces I’ve read in a while. I’ve never read MRR regularly, but this issue was worth the buy for the interview alone.

February 22, 2017
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  • I love those hanging skeletons! And that tiny hedgehog!

    • Thanks! I think I got them both at Michaels, though I’ve had the skeletons for so long I’m not *positive* about them. They’ve gone from my teenage bedroom, to our dining room, to my office, and they’re such a fun decorating detail!

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