Project 365: Days 39-45

Overall, I’m ecstatic about what I captured this week! I think being home during the day, and therefore being able to capture the best lighting through the house, has already really helped me out with this project. There’s no rush to chase the light as soon as I get home, and I get a little more time to consider the subjects as well. And then sometimes there are those lucky accidents, like funny animal faces, to really remind me why this is so satisfying.

39/365: Perfect timing. I still die laughing at this photo. I swear, he was just yawning! Since my lenses are all manual focus only, I don’t get photos this fun as often as I’d like, but I think that makes them even more satisfying when I do.

40/365: Recent horror acquisitions. It’s no surprise anymore that I love horror, and I was so excited to get the most recent issue of Rue Morgue and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina last week, especially with my newly-discovered love for alt-Archie stories.

41/365: The collage poster for my Brittany S. Pierce fanzine. I’ve never made a single-page zine before this one, but I’m already working on my next one (an ASMR 101/fanzine). They’re a nice little way to put out work in between bigger zines.

42/365: A library haul. I went to the library for the first time in months on Saturday and grabbed these all within about five minutes. Plus, I couldn’t skip our weekly Dunkin’ Donuts stop (fudge brownie macchiato + brownie batter doughnut).

43/365: DIY cleaning books. I spent Sunday cleaning the house a bit and making note of what supplies I’d need to make my own home cleansers. And then I cried when I tallied up the cost.

44/365: The first quarter or so of my novel. It actually goes through about three quarters of the outline, but it needs a lot of love and revision, so the length should balance out with the storyline soon enough.

45/365: Current favorite office corner. The skeletons hang just beneath the new shelves that Dan built me, and then there’s this little table (acquired at Goodwill several years ago) to hold some of my plants and my record player.

February 15, 2017
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  • Kay

    Lovely! I need more succulents in my desk life. Also, that capture of your cat is just fantastic.

    • I cannot tell you how addicted I am to plants now! And I’m working on a succulents zine, so if you need to learn anything about them before diving in, it’ll hopefully be a good resource! Plus, they’re not terribly expensive (about $4 depending on the size and where you get them–most of mine are from Home Depot).

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