Project 365: Days 32-38

A good photo week overall, I think. It helps that we had a couple of sunny days and I cleaned my office to give myself a little photography area to work in. Plus, now that I’m working from home, I have more hours in the day to use to get photos done. I’m not sure if I’m seeing improvement, exactly, but I’m still having fun, so it’s worth it for that if nothing else.

Sometimes I worry that not only will I not be able to finish the year, but also that I might not even want to. It’d be a bit disappointing, but I want to give myself permission to quit if I decide to later on without being too hard on myself. (I have a tendency to be my own worst critic, as I’m sure most of us are.) For now, though, I have no intention of stopping, so no worries there!

32/365: Amanda Palmer’s retweet of my Rad Gal post hanging above my desk.

33/365: A favorite shelf of mine in the living room, housing a photo of my parents and a photo of Dan and me.

34/365: Treat yo’ self.

35/365: New plants for my home office.

36/365: My ever-growing Harry Potter collection.

37/365: Brain games.

38/365: New plant on a new shelf.

February 8, 2017
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  • Kay

    Lovely! Also I must find that Ben and Jerry’s flavor for my partner, stat.

    • Thanks! It was definitely a good flavor (isn’t all B&J), even if it wasn’t a new favorite. Just can’t beat my Chubby Hubby love.

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