Project 365: Days 25-31

This week I tried to work a little more with angles and Photoshop actions–the former for practice and the latter for fun. Plus, I was starting to worry I was getting stuck in one style of photos and editing, so I thought trying some new actions might help me mix things up a bit. I’ve been thinking, though, and if I end up spending any of my tax return on anything “for fun,” it’ll ┬álikely be a new lens. I’d like one a little shorter than my usual (50mm), so I’ve been browsing some old 28mm lenses on eBay. We’ll see, though.

25/365: Revision

26/365: February TBR.

27/365: Maple-bacon cake.

28/365: Blog post writing.

29/365: The back of my postcards on Etsy.

30/365: A cat in my personal space, spending the afternoon in bed.

31/365: Lexi keeping an eye on Charlie skulking through the living room.

February 1, 2017
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