Project 365: Days 18-24

This was a challenging photo week; most of the days my heart didn’t feel like it was completely in it, and I’m starting to feel as though I’m running out of subjects to photograph. To be honest, I think it’s a combination of the weather, which is making it a struggle to get good light most days, and just being frazzled (let’s call it that) with life right now. I’m hoping the coming week will be a better one all around, and if I’m lucky I’ll get some good photos outside of the house soon.

18/365: Spectra.

19/365: Lunch leftovers: a spinach & mozzarella stuffed pork chop with side salad.

20/365: Zine work.

21/365: My aunt’s family’s dog Maddie.

22/365: Novel-writing notebook + new pens.

23/365: Keeping me company while I read in bed.

24/365: More lunch leftovers: loaded baked potato soup.

January 25, 2017
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