2017 Goals

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I haven’t even looked at my goals from last year because I doubt I met many–if any. I’ve decided this year to try having only two larger,  more distinct goals, ones that can be worked on year-round. Additionally, I’ll have some smaller, simpler goals to keep some focus on the fun as well as the work.

Let’s get into it.

Reach my second Patreon goal. / I’ve decided to definitely launch my Patreon page, thanks in part to the emotional support I’ve already received from a number of people, and this goal feels a little bold, seeing as it assumes I’ll reach my first goal this year. I’m rubbish at publicizing my own projects, so this may be the most challenging part of the year for me. My concern is about coming off as insincere, so I often fall to the opposite end of the spectrum  and instead don’t do much sharing at all. It’ll be a demanding goal, but it’s not an impossible achievement.

Finish a full book manuscript. / This is clearly a “by the end of the year” goal, which I expect to be pushing hardest through the final months of 2017. I’d love to have a full, ready to submit (or self-publish) manuscript by December 31, 2017. For years I’ve though it would be a novel, and maybe it will, but the idea of a book of essays has also been rattling in my skull as of late, so it’s all about seeing where the year takes me. I have ideas for both; it’s just a matter of which one grips me harder in the long run.

As for smaller goals, the list so far looks like:

  • Go on three ghost hunts/UFO watches.
  • Table one out-of-state zine fest.
  • Write and publish two zines.
  • Go on seven hikes, preferably in a few different states.
  • Complete a Project 365.
  • Make twelve different kinds of (new to me) bread. (Please send me recipes!)

I’ve made a point to include numbers in the smaller goals to keep them measurable and to keep myself accountable. (Accountable of fun–what a concept.) Of course, I could always do more of each thing, as well, and I really hope that I do.

What’s your biggest goal of 2017?

January 9, 2017
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  • Kay

    Excellent goals! I’m excited to see your Patreon; it’s something I’m still on the fence about setting up. I hope you share about your ghost hunts/UFO watches – I’d love to read about it!

    • Thanks! I definitely plan to share anything interesting about all my spooky adventures. I’ve been wanting to go on some for /years/ and never seem to make the opportunity, so I’m determined to make it a big part of the year.

  • Awesome and very achievable goals! I also want to have a finished manuscript this year. I want the second draft to be done by March 1st, so I better get on that!
    Ghost hunts sound scary but awesome! Do share more on that!

    • Achievable was absolutely my hope for this list. It’s never any fun to make goals that are just so big that you’re almost setting yourself up to fail. Good luck on your second draft! I’ve been really impressed with your progress so far, so I have total faith in you.

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