Project 365: Days 1-3

Here’s an exercise in accountability: Blogging your yearlong project, which is exactly how I’ve decided to approach the Project 365 photography challenge this year. I don’t know if there’s ever been a year when I completed the project from beginning to end, but since I want to start working on my photography skills again, I’ve decided to make another attempt.

It’s been years since I made a real effort with my photography; it’s something I loved senior year of high school, and I spent a couple of years working on it, but midway through college and on, it fell to the wayside while I dealt with the rest of life. Even when I bought my dSLR, I didn’t pick it up nearly as often as I’d like to have. It was an occasional thing, not a daily practice, and it honestly makes me a little sad to think about it. (I’m often crying over time lost.) But it’s an art I love, and it’s an art I think I have a skill for, so I’d like to keep exercising it and getting better.

I’ll be aiming to share my photos every Wednesday; I considered doing just a monthly roundup, but I know I hate photo heavy posts (they take so damn long to load), so a weekly update seems like a better option. This week’s collection is small since the year only started on Sunday, but I think it’s a nice way to begin, easing into it.

1/365: The first bookstagram post of the year, January’s TBR.

2/365: Practicing self-portraits.

3/365: This egg was just so beautiful.

January 4, 2017
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  • Bex

    I saw your Twitter post about running to get your camera for an egg and I’ve been wondering how it turned out ever since. I should have just visited your blog! It’s beautiful! Haha. And I like that self-portrait, too. ♥

    • Sonya

      Thank you! Honestly, that photo doesn’t even do it justice. It had such a perfect, vibrant orange dome to it. I was amazed. (It’s the little things, ya know?)

  • This is a great idea! I use my DSLR every week to take pictures, but I’ve been wanting to take it with more on adventures around town more.
    Love these three pictures!

    • Sonya

      Thanks! Most of my photos so far have been around the house, but I’d love to get out with my camera and explore, especially when the weather gets better. I’m excited to see what you capture when you do go on some adventures with yours!

  • Kay

    I’m excited for your posts! I’ve never attempted a 365 project…I’m still too intimidated by it. By the way, that egg shot is seriously glorious.

    • Sonya

      Thank you! I’m really hoping I can stick it out for the year. I think it’ll be especially fun to compare January photos to December photos and see if I’ve gotten any better.

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