Shiny New Year: 2016 Goals

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11.26.2015 / york harbor beach

York Harbor Beach, Maine / November 2015

And here it is: My requisite blog post chronicling my goals of 2016. Nothing wrong with that, though. It’s good to have someplace to keep your ideas and easily refer to them, right?

As 2015 approaches its end, I can honestly say that I’ve grown content with how it’s turned out. The first half of the year was, for the most part, miserable. I was dealing with a lot of work problems, and the way that affected me mentally and emotionally made all my personal projects fall apart. I don’t think I dug into my chapbook with my whole heart until June or July, but once I did, it was, well, not quite smooth sailing, but smooth enough that I haven’t spent every day crying when I’m not at work (or even when I am, as tended to happen earlier in the year). Life is good now. It’s not perfect. It’s not my entire dream come to fruition, but I’m getting there.

So what do I have planned for 2016?

Table at three zine fests. This year I did two–Pioneer Valley Zine Fest in spring and Boston Zine Fest in fall–and they were such wonderful decisions. (I mean, hell, BZF bought my new tattoo.) I’m hoping to do one or two out of state if I can, but they tend to be far enough away that it can be a challenge logistically. I’m not even sure where the closest one is outside of Massachusetts.

Write my fucking novel. I will do it. I wanted to make it a focus for 2015, but losing half the year to stress and depression didn’t help, and it never happened. But I published my chapbook, so I’m not getting down on myself in the least. I had a productive year overall. I’ve already begun plotting out what, to me, is a super fun novel idea, so I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll get something done in 2016 that I can proud of in all its messy, first draft glory.

Write two more zines. I actually have far more than two zine ideas, but I’m trying to keep it simple with everything else I have planned around the novel. Mostly the goal is two more issues of Whatsername, but I’d be happy with finishing up some other projects I’ve had stewing, as well.

Expand Nine Lives. I want to add so much more to the catalog. I think as far as first years go, 2015 was not a bad year for my distro, but I really want to get back into a serious mode with it and get loads more added to the catalog. The problem tends to be I’m too nervous to ask anyone if they’d let me carry their stuff, but whatever. I need to get over that if I want this to grow at all.

Blog more. Somehow, I fell off the wagon a bit with my blogging the last few months. I just didn’t have it in me, maybe because I preferred to focus my attention elsewhere for a while. My hope is to get back into it regularly, whether that’s once a week or twice a month or what. I don’t know yet. But I plan on taking a couple of weeks to sit down and think about where I want to go with my blog. I’ve mentioned before it can be a challenge for me to reconcile blogging and writing zines, so I think that’s a major aspect I need to look at in the next year.

As you can tell, there’s a bit of a running theme here, but my life tends to revolve around writing and zines because those are the things I love the most–so it only makes sense.

Smaller goals include: Make local-ish & snail mail friends. Hold a zine workshop at the library. Work harder on my garden. Practice more photography. Cook and bake more foods in more elaborate ways. Take more bike rides. Knit more. Basically, just do more things that make me happy.

Oh, yeah, and get married.

What do you have on the docket for the coming year?

December 15, 2015
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  • Kay

    I’m glad you are still proud of what you accomplished, even if it’s not everything you intended. I think you have excellent goals for 2016. I’m working on narrowing mine down; I have the tendency to come up with so many, and then not accomplish a ton and feel bad. That needs to stop…manageable goals are more important than listing every life wish. We share the snail mail goal – I’d really like to find some (or even one!) pen pal to chat about creativity and such things…let me know if you’re interested! I have few IRL friends, and I’d love to expand a creative network via snail mail (because who doesn’t love getting letters?) to bounce creative inspiration off. 🙂

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