It’s International Zine Month 2015!

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03.01.2015 / writing zine descriptions
As of this past Wednesday, it is now one of my three favorite times of the year! Along with Halloween and county fairs, International Zine Month ranks high on my list of seasonal favorites. Last year, I posted my ten reasons why I love zines as part of the daily prompts for July, and each still holds true.

You can download the daily prompts from Stolen Sharpie Revolution and follow along. This year I plan to make some copies of my prose poetry zine, Small Parts, to leave at work (prompt fifteen!), make a flyer for a few of my zines (prompt eight!), and finish up my one-page zine on cryptids (page twenty-three!)–among other things, of course. I also printed out some of the prompt lists to leave on the table at work, where we have various other handouts and flyers. Hopefully this along with the free copies of Small Parts will get some people interested in zines and International Zine Month.

Will you be doing anything to celebrate the month?
Have you enjoyed IZM before or is this your first year?

July 3, 2015
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