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nine lives zine distro

I seem to have a lot of dreams and ideas, don’t I? Perhaps. But at least they’re coming together.

Like starting a literary zine, having my own zine distro has been an idea floating around in my head for the last year or so, and as with a number of other thingsĀ over the last few months, I finally decided to just go for it. So over the weekend I started ordering zines to stock and worked on getting a website set up with Dan. Right now I only have my own zines listed because I’m waiting for the others I’ve ordered to come in, but once they do my plan is to take a day or two or five to put together descriptions for them and list them on the site.

Still, you’re welcome to browse around at what’s there, though it’s not much different from my zine shop page at the moment. In fact, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up with the zine shop separately from the distro or not. It might be nice to have if I decide to do any one-shot zines that may not fit into the distro (like My, My Menstrual Cup and the X-Files fanzine I’ve had on the back burner for so long now), but I’m not quite sure yet. Please let me know your thoughts on that!

I’ve started this distro not only to spread my love of zines even farther, but also in the hopes that it will become a stepping stone toward the bookstore I dream of owning someday. I spent a number of hours over the weekend trying to finish reading Cometbus #56, only to be distracted thinking about how I would organize a book and zine shop. (I even had a certain space in mind, but that was mostly for daydreaming purposes.) I’m trying to take firm steps toward my life goals, and I feel like starting this zine distro is the right thing to do at this moment.

I still have a to do list to keep setting up shop (including getting a P.O. box so I can take distro submissions), but as usual I was too excited to wait until everything was perfect to share because I would love to hear what you think.

February 18, 2015
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  • Kay

    Sounds fantastic! By the by, I introduced my BFF to zines and directed her to your articles on where to buy zines, and she is IN LOVE. She’s actually started writing her own! When she’s ready, is it cool if I direct her to your zine distro to potentially stock hers? I’ve no idea how that process goes, but I figure I can let her know!

    • Sonya

      That’s so awesome! I think it’s just the best news when someone starts making their own zines (and I won’t deny feeling extra excited when I’m somehow involved, even a little bit). Definitely send her my way when she’s ready!

      • Kay

        Yay! She’ll be so excited!!

  • Congratulations!! This is such awesome news and I’ll gladly help spread the word where I can šŸ™‚

    • Sonya

      Thank you! I’m ecstatic, and it just feels like the right move for me at the moment.

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