A Poetry Collection Status Update

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1.19.2015 / working on poetry
I’ve got eighteen poems for my collection so far, with the minimum goal being about forty (maximum, about sixty), and I’m feeling good: enthusiastic, confident, and just overall excited. I think this first half was easy, though; a lot of the pieces in this half were already written and included in my Small Parts zines and written for college courses. Since I’m starting this second half almost from scratch, I anticipate a bit more of a haul to get through it, which is fine as long as I can keep myself on track and motivated while working on other projects at the same time.

My first course of action is to schedule the crap out of things. I need to make a list of what needs to be done over the next few months (short list: poetry collection, Wonderlust issue 002, Pioneer Valley Zine Fest preparation), then break those items down even further because there are so many little pieces that go into everything. I honestly already have a bunch more ideas, but I promise they’re not worth listing for you right now.

With the collection, at least, I do know I need to think about cover art and printing, layout and order. I’m doing the majority of the work myself, with a few people in mind to call in for help if they’re willing, so I want to make sure I stay on top of everything. I feel like the process has moved very quickly so far, so I want to keep in mind that there’s still plenty left to do and that the most reasonable timeline for the moment is publishing in June, just as I had planned.

One detail, which is both big and small and has been weighing on my brain pretty much since the idea first blossomed, is the title. I’ve tossed a few possibilities around, but nothing feels right yet. I’m hoping that something will come to me in time, maybe not even until I’ve finished all the pieces and laid them out. Maybe I’ll come up with something in the bath some Friday night. I don’t know–but it is fun to think about because as much as I hate coming up with titles (I really do), I’m hopeful that I’ll think of something that turns out to be so obviously perfect that it won’t even be a question of whether or not I should use it. I’ll think of it, and my heart will look at my brain with a swift nod, and everyone will be happy.

But before all else, I need to finish all the pieces. Then I can move onward to the next step, whatever that turns out to be.

January 19, 2015
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