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What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk
A couple of weeks ago I backed this book on IndieGoGo. As soon as I had the money from a new paycheck, I was throwing it at this fund; I’ve read two issues of Jessie’s zine Reckless Chants so far, along with so much of her writing that appears on her tumblr, and I am head over heels for her work. It’s raw and a little uncomfortable; it’s unafraid and earnest. It’s inspiring in its honesty. It’s a level of skill and courage I hope to achieve someday.

So when I checked the page over the weekend, I was bummed to see that it wasn’t already 100% backed like I feel it totally should be and thought, “I should probably share this on my blog in case anyone would be interested (because everyone should be interested).” Jessie is a fabulous writer and several of her pieces appear in the first issue of Wonderlust. If you’re iffy about whether or not you want to back the project, please order a copy or some of her zines or just go look at her tumblr to get an idea of how prodigious her work is.

From the funding page:What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk is a collection of some of my writings about punk – both non-fiction and fiction – spanning nearly fifteen years. It’s a look at my little corner of the punk scene, and everything punk has meant to me. From love affairs to getting wasted, from self-destruction to survival, from the death of old friends and heroes to hearing that one perfect song, from wanting to quit punk to realizing I never can – it’s all in here.”

And before you say, “But I’m not punk–why would I want to read that?” I just want to say, excuse me, are you a wizard? Are you a hobbit? Are you fighting for your claim to the throne (rightful or otherwise)? Probably not–but maybe you are?–so I’m only asking that you don’t write this off without a second thought as something you’re not interested in just because you don’t think you can relate. When the writing is good enough (and hers is), it resonates far and wide.

If you do decide to back this, please let me know! I want every reason to get even more excited than I am for this book.

December 24, 2014
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  • Kay

    And…backed! Another addition to kicking off my year of zines, thanks! I’ll do a blog post in early January as well, hopefully spread the word a bit more?

    • Sonya

      Excellent! I’m so glad at least one person was interested because I really want this project to be successful. And I’d be so excited if you did a post, too!

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